Our No Excuses community is one we place a lot of value in, and we regard the feedback from our riders as arguably the most valuable of all. We created our Ocean Rodeo Women’s Group as a dedicated space to celebrate a community within the community, help encourage the growth in female kiteboarding, and also as a space where we can glean important feedback as we develop further female-oriented products.

By joining the group, you will get: 

  • Access to a private Facebook group to chat about literally anything! It’s a dedicated space where tips, knowledge and ideas can be shared openly, and a place where you can let Ocean Rodeo know what you would love to see from us.

  • As a member of the group, you’ll often get the opportunity to get hold of products before they’re publicly available, and especially products that we’ve designed with the female rider in mind. 

  • We offer occasional discounts on new Ocean Rodeo gear, both online and store-wide.

  • You’ll be the first to know about women-specific events, clinics and more!

  • You’ll have the ear of the Ocean Rodeo team…If you’re willing to provide amazing ideas, we’re here to listen.