PILOT 52 (Demo Bar)


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    This is a STOCK photo of a new Pilot bar - as all have different usage-hours depending on which demo events they have been used.

    If you are interested in one of the Demo's, we will always pick the best available in stock - and upon request send you a photo or video prior to buying - Just ask.  

    Pilot 2.0

    Totally redesigned, the Pilot bar is a culmination of 20 years frontline trim design experience. We went all out and refined every component to deliver the cleanest, easiest to use frontline trim bar to date.


    • The redesigned control stick features a smaller 23mm diameter grip turning the Pilot into a precision instrument.
    • Featuring a generous 53.5 cm of sheeting range, the newly designed cleat and trim line handle are still within easy reach.
    • The refined bar floats feature a streamline shape that incorporates full retract bar-end bungees for easy line storage.
    • The Pilot has been upgraded with German made Liros DC 401 Ultra HD flying lines.


    ISO certified, the Pilot is outfitted with the all new Gen 9 Punch Out Trim Loop and leash system.

    Bar Length: 52cm

    Lines: 22m (19m + 3m) Liros DC 401