ORIGIN Twintip 142x47 - Lightwind/Beginner/School


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    A HUGE 142x47cm board ideal for Beginners / School usage or for light-wind conditions of course!
    Great Ocean Rodeo Board design !
    It's just for board and fins, and it fits of course any standard size foot straps/pads yo wish to use.

    The Origin is a practical, all around board built to get you started with confidence and easy first rides upwind.  Once you've progressed, it also serves as a suitable lighter wind board to round out your quiver. 

    Built around a shape and optimized rocker to plane up quick, keep going through the lulls, and simple point-and-go-performance thats also smooth in chop and easy on the knees.    With narrowed  33cm tips and 47cm waist giving it a smooth ride in chop and a prime progression template.

    IDEAL for schools, beginners and riders who like to also kite comfortably in the light summer winds.